Cranial Therapy
by Somerset Health Practice

A gentle method of restoring health to the body.

Cranial Therapy

Cranial therapy is a hands on therapy which places hands on areas of the body understood to be under stress.


Techniques relate to the individual recognizing the connection between healthy body tissue states and diseased patterns where trauma conscious or unconscious can be holding the person back from experiencing better health.


Effective at reflux and colic disorders, restless children and sleeping problems. People with emotional or physical traumas can find this beneficial at addressing patterns that have previously been barriers to wellness.

Helpful at releasing conscious or unconscious body tension that impedes the full potential of the bodys natural health.


Cranial therapy is a gentle treatment effective at releasing trauma from the bodys tissues. Suiting people more sensitive and who respond to a more gentle treatment approach, children, mothers and babies.


We practice throughout Somerset and can also provide treatment in your own home, to book an appointment please call Somerset Health Practice on 01458 860392 or email and we will be happy to help you.


Your private health insurance may provide cover for your treatments, please contact Somerset Health Practice on 01458 860392 for more information.

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