Fracture Healing
by Somerset Health Practice

A modern approach to healing bone fractures fast.

Fracture Healing

Broken bones can be mended and strengthened more quickly for fast return to full movement and to the workplace. Often effective even for non-union fractures. At our Somerset clinic with accommodation option, we combine Laser therapy, HBOT and PEMF with targeted herbal formulas to repair and heal bone fractures.


It is now becoming known that fractured bones can heal really well with the help of modern treatments. These allow for early movement and weight-bearing rather than the old approach of prolonged immobilisation. Healing time is reduced with less pain and faster return to mobility and work.


We are privileged to be working with Physiotherapist Brian G. Simpson M.C.S.P., DSA(CSP), a highly experienced specialist in fracture healing, especially with professional motor cycle and racing car riders after accidents. He demonstrates in an important bone facture research paper that fractures can be helped to heal faster than conventionally considered possible.

Matthew Jackson from Somerset Health Practice and Brian Simpson

At our practice in Glastonbury, anyone with a fracture can benefit from a unique range of leading edge treatments in one place, including many recommended by Brian Simpson:


Expert Herbalists

Expert Herbalist Fracture Formula - Phases 1, 2 and 3

The process of bone and tissue repair after a break goes through several stages and we have tailored top quality herbal formula treatments for each phase with an extra formula for slow healing bones. They all contain a combination of herbs long proven effective in Chinese medicine plus Shilajit minerals with Fulvic Acid to strengthen cells.


Phase 1

Helps to clear swelling and bruising, improve circulation and promote bone setting.

Phase 2

Continues to promote better circulation by reducing swelling and bruising and also encourages crucial fusion of bone, developing bone connections and strength.

Phase 3

Herbs stabilise and support blood circulation to the new growth and affected tissues, continue to create the bone and tendon strength needed for renewed structure and movement and encourage bone and tissues to work in harmony again.


Fracture healing herbal medicine phase 1
Fracture healing herbal medicine phase 2
Fracture healing herbal medicine phase 3


The Fracture Plus herbal formula is for broken bones that heal poorly and take longer to mend. The combination of herbs gives continuing modified support until the bone has healed well.

See more and purchase formulas at our Expert Herbalist website.


Some of our success stories:

Back at work one month after multiple fractures

"It feels to me like a miracle"

After a cycling accident, Paul Furlong of Furlong Motorcycle Tyres had a shattered collarbone, fractured shoulder blade and a broken vertebra in his back.

Motorcycle accident recovery help

"The hospital told me my injuries would need a twelve week recovery - but being out of action that long could bankrupt my business. Matthew treated my injuries with Laser, the PEMF machine pulsing into my body, and the oxygen chamber with infra-red therapy. Also Chinese herbs to help the fractures heal fast.

One month after the accident, I'm earning money again and just fitted nine tyres in one day. That's physical! I'm wholeheartedly recommending Somerset Health Practice to everyone."


Top cyclist thrilled at fast recovery from cracked ribs

"I'd heard from other athletes that HBOT could speed recovery"

Tom Williams, aged 18, has had a meteoric rise to success in the cycling world and now rides road racing with the Nopinz Motip club.

In 2022, Tom suffered cracked ribs from a bad crash during training, which would normally mean six weeks off the bike. We gave him an ultrasound to assess his ribs, then laser treatment to stimulate healing and daily sessions in the oxygen chamber.

Cycling accident therapy Somerset

Says Tom, "After just four sessions of HBOT, I had no pain at all - and a cold that had lingered for months completely cleared. I was quite shocked and impressed. On the day after my last treatment, with only a week off the bike, I was back in training and won my first race!"


Fast broken bone repair for motocross star

"He couldn't miss that crucial race"

International motocross star and British champion Conrad Mewse came to us with a broken collarbone that could normally take weeks to recover. But if he missed the next race his championship chances would be lost for the whole season.

We treated Conrad with a combination of laser therapy to help heal the bone, HBOT to speed recovery and maximise strength and endurance and PEMF, described as a 'whole body battery recharger'.

His broken bone responded quickly to treatment and his overall fitness improved enough to allow him to take part in that next crucial race. The whole clinic team was rooting for him!


HBOT with laser heals fracture for rising star of Motorcycle racing circuit

"An amazingly fast recovery"

Casey O'Gorman, who recently had his fitness to race at Le Mans reinstated, says "I owe my quick recovery to the unique therapies provided at the practice."

After a challenging journey following a wrist fracture, Casey underwent four sessions of laser and HBOT over two days. "My strength soared, enabling me to pass both the strength test and my medical, which involved an X-Ray and 10 press-ups."


We practice throughout Somerset and can also provide treatment in your own home, to book an appointment please call Somerset Health Practice on 01458 860392 or email and we will be happy to help you.


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