Long Covid Treatment
by Somerset Health Practice

Building strength and recovery.

Long Covid Treatment

At Somerset Health Practice we offer help for long covid

Anyone suffering from long Covid knows that this post viral syndrome can show up with many and varied symptoms, including (but not limited to):

Long Covid is very much like ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. People suffering from this problem have long benefited from holistic therapies and natural medicine. So, whilst every individual is unique, we believe that many of the symptoms of long Covid can be helped through a number of non-invasive, drug free therapies that combine and complement to address the whole person.


Our approach is to offer understanding, respite and caring support whilst you benefit from treatments to build strength and recovery.


This process can take time and, if you're not local to our clinic, we can offer accommodation in a modern, comfortable, self-contained apartment in the heart of the peaceful Somerset Levels. Or we can arrange for you to stay in nearby Glastonbury, with its reputation for being particularly uplifting and therapeutic.


Modern Therapies for Long Covid Symptoms

At the clinic, we offer a uniquely wide range of modern therapies that can be helpful for symptoms of long Covid.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for revitalisation and healing of the whole body.

Laser therapy for targeted healing of lesions in the lung.

PEMF light therapy for healing of the lungs and heart.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine formulas and organic CBD products for symptoms including brain fog, insomnia and depression.

Acupuncture for rebalancing the body's systems and energy.

Cranio-sacral therapy to work with your body's own energy system to release trauma.


We can also provide help from a nutritionist and bodywork massage therapist, as appropriate, to complement the healing journey.


For help with long covid symptoms please call us at Somerset Health Practice on 01458 860392.


We practice throughout Somerset and can also provide treatment in your own home, to book an appointment please call Somerset Health Practice on 01458 860392 or email info@somersethealthpractice.co.uk and we will be happy to help you.


Your private health insurance may provide cover for your treatments, please contact Somerset Health Practice on 01458 860392 for more information.

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