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An effective way of healing damaged tissue


Prolotherapy is the process of injecting a solution of liquid Dextrose and other simple substances directly into damaged tissue such as muscle, ligament, tendon or cartilage.

This is not a painkiller but a really effective way of healing damaged tissue.


Tensegrity nature's super power

Tensegrity is the principle by which nature builds and maintains its structures.

The human frame is a prime example of tensegrity at work. Its many tensile muscles, ligaments, and tendons pull up on the rigid bones of its structure, thereby stabilising and supporting them against the force of gravity.

Scientists have shown that tensegrity is a fundamental design principle of nature, operating at the level of organs, tissues, cells, and even molecules (Ingber, 1998).

Prolotherapy harnesses the body's ability to provide superpowered support for a joint structure that is causing problems. It does this by increasing collagen fibres in the layer of fibrous ligaments and tendons around the joint. (Think of the way that Spiderman uses the strength of his spider web filaments to support problematic structures.)

Prolotherapy is excellent at providing tensegrity for the hypermobility of joints and ligaments and the repair of damaged tendons.



How does Prolotherapy work?

Our body always has a natural inclination to heal itself, given the right conditions. It's long been known that when certain irritant substances are introduced to the body, they create a protective reaction of inflammation, which actually sets off a beneficial healing process. This is exactly what happens with Prolotherapy.

The sugary substance injected causes tissues to become temporarily inflamed, then they form more collagen and proteins and manufacture more healing white blood cells and helpful chemical building blocks. Over time, inflammation subsides leaving much improved strength, mass, thickness and health of previously damaged cells.


How long does treatment take?

Generally injections are given every two to six weeks, with a total of three to six injections. The average healing time is three to six months. Injections are given at our Glastonbury surgery on a private basis.


Who can benefit?

People with damage caused by sudden injury, for instance during sport, especially to ligaments and tendons. Also people with chronic pain or damage that hasn't healed in ligaments, tendons, muscles or joints. Prolotherapy is for soft tissue repair and may not be suitable for some injuries, especially if surgery is essential. We offer a free assessment at Somerset Health to advise whether Prolotherapy can help.


Are there any side effects?

Prolotherapy does not have side effects like pharmaceutical drugs, as the solution injected is completely benign. For a period before treatment, NSAIDs and corticosteroids must be avoided. At the time of treatment, the injection can be painful as the local inflammation naturally develops. For this reason, we advise arranging transport home, not walking or driving.



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