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What our patients say

Below are comments from some of our patients, for more information about Somerset Health Practice or to book an appointment, please call us on 01458 860392 or email info@somersethealthpractice.co.uk.


From immobility to a walking holiday - the effectiveness of Laser Therapy

Rosemary was enjoying retirement when, due to a problem and surgery on her toe joints years before, her feet and legs became twisted, swollen and painful.

One awful morning I realised that I simply couldn't walk. A friend recommended Matthew Jackson and, after ultrasound analysis of my feet, he started Laser therapy. I found noticeable improvement after each session and at the end of the course I went from immobility to a pain free life and, eventually, a walking holiday in Wales. What a transformation!
Matthew and his team were so professional, kind and considerate. I'm really grateful for the laser treatment. "



Urinary tract infection Herbal formula success

Matthew's (The Expert Herbalist) herbal formula for urinary infections proved very successful for me. I had had a very long term chronic bladder infection which the NHS took a long time to finally diagnose. The pain was a constant cramp low down in my abdomen, very similar in feel to period pains. I had two courses of antibiotics which did not get rid of the infection. The second course was strong and not pleasant to take.

I mentioned my infection to Matthew and after a discussion he suggested I try his herbal formula. I followed his instructions of how to take the herbal formula and my infection slowly cleared up and I was well again. I would recommend talking to Matthew about your symptoms so that the right mix can be made up. So much better to avoid taking antibiotics. "



Plantar Fasciitis

After having suffered with plantar fasciitis for a year and not having had much relief from foot exercises and painkiller, I was intrigued to see an advert for shockwave treatment which claimed to be able to help with soft tissue and muscle problems. After a consultation with Matthew and half a dozen treatments, I am delighted to say that I am completely pain free. There was a noticeable amount of pain relief even after one session. I would certainly recommend it. "

KM, Street


Long journey to health

I just want to say a huge thank you to you for all you have done got me over the past 2 1/2 years, I couldn't have got through everything without you, thank you for all the acupuncture, the herbs, the osteopathy, more herbs, the shockwave, more herbs, the head holding, the chat, the various helpful articles, yet more herbs, the reassurance that I would eventually get better, even more herbs!, your friendship, even more herbs!
You are a very clever, talented, lovely man and I will miss you!! "

DT, Catcott


Achilles Tendonitis

In January I had a total hip replacement.  I was told I must stick to the regular exercise programme which included walking each day. I think I was too enthusiastic with the walking because, on the first day outside, I tweaked my Achilles tendon.  I went to the doctor who diagnosed Achilles Tendinopathy and referred me to a physiotherapist who gave me exercises to do and told me it could take six months to get better – not what I wanted when it was crucial that that I did the required walking and my Achilles was so painful.

Matthew did an Ultrasound on my ankle and identified the problem. Well, after just three sessions my Achilles was totally cured and I was able to resume the walking and now my hip is absolutely fine. The Shockwave treatment was quite uncomfortable but Matthew is very accomplished and it was worth enduring this for the outcome.  So, I would highly recommend this treatment to anybody with this type of problem. Amazing that something that was predicted to take six months to heal was cured in just three sessions! "

JT, Eddington


Stress fatigue, Cholesterol and Gum infections

I'm so happy for this opportunity to give Matthew 10 out of 10 for his fantastic holistic practice. He is also a really lovely person with a very healing resence

A few examples of my experiences with Matthew:

1) A few years ago I was under such stress my nervous system was stuck in fight/flight 24 hours a day. I was getting very ill and I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't been able to have acupuncture and herbs to calm my nervous system down.

2) Last year I was told my cholesterol level was dangerously high and I immediatel consulted Matt. He gave me some herbs and when I had the cholesterol checked again 6 weeks it was normal.

3) In January I developed a very bad gum infection affecting my whole mouth. I didn't want antibiotics so I consulted Matt and he gave me a 10 day course of herbs which cleared the infection. "

KW, Glastonbury


Chronic lower back pain

I was first put into contact with Matt early 2017. Previously to this I had a long history of back pain and discomfort working as a mechanic. After a short time of visiting Matt I started feeling the benefits of treatments. An MRI confirmed a narrowing of the exiting nerve channels of my lower back called “stenosis” and surgery was offered. After a period of continuing regular treatments and doing exercises at home my back has been the best it's ever been…even 2 years later!! Now I only visit Matt when I feel the need!!

I cannot recommended Matt enough and wish I had met him before 2017. "

MD, Street


Rheumatoid arthritis / reactive arthritis

I went to see Matthew with swollen hands and ankles and stiff and painful joints. I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and advised to take drugs to dampen my immune system, which I wasn't keen on taking. I was also told that I would have to take these for the rest of my life and that there was no cure.

Matthew was friendly and professional, he didn't give my condition a name but identified what he thought was causing my problems and set about putting them right. I had Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Massage and Chinese Herbs. I also exercised regularly. He put a different perspective on my illness and cure and most of all he gave me hope.

Matthew was very caring and honest from the start and said that it may take a while to put me right. With his help I am now back to my old self and able to live life to the full again, without taking any medication.

Matthew is a special person, he has restored my health and I will be eternally grateful to him. "

JG, Glastonbury


Natural labour induction

I was really pleased I didn't need artificial induction and she was born before her due date!! I only needed gas and air and went home the same day. The acupuncture really helped my back during labour too. "

LB, Somerton


Shoulder pain

I am a 67 year old woman and a part time farmer. So I need to be active and fit. Six months ago I began to have severe pain in both my knees. My shoulders had also been causing me pain for over a year and I had reduced mobility in them. When I just began having treatment walking was a slow and painful business and I had to help myself out of a chair with both hands. Not good with painful shoulders. Matthew treated these with acupuncture and a specially designed formula of Chinese herbs which I take twice a day. Four months on I feel like myself again. The swelling has completely gone in my lower legs. I can walk normally again. I can get up out of a chair with minimal effort.

Although my shoulders ache if I do heavy work ie. carrying bales, they do not remain painful and best of all I can sleep at night. No more tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. During this time I lost my confidence and felt very vulnerable but thanks to Matthew's treatments I have my mojo back again.

I can recommend Matthew holistic treatment whole-heartedly and am very grateful to him for giving me my life back again.

SB, Stoke sub Hamden


Tennis elbow and urinary tract infection

I initially contacted Matthew Jackson following a recommendation to seek acupuncture for tennis elbow. During the successful treatment for my elbow, which is keeping it in abeyance, I discussed my ongoing UTI problem which developed following an anterior repair in 2004, up to then I have tried to treat an infection (3 to 4 times a year) with antibiotics. Matthew offered me herbal remedies that has helped others. We now have the daily maintenance dose correct for me which has resulted in being free from infection for 5 months, which is wonderful. I do also have a stronger dose as a back - up. I whole-heartedly recommend Matthew Jackson's treatments.

In addition to the herbal remedies, Matthew is treating me with acupuncture and joint/muscle manipulation to relieve my tennis elbow, shoulder/ neck pain and headaches, such that I am back shooting arrows, dancing and other activities, all without the need for chemical medication or treatments. I visit Matthew once a month now for maintenance."

JH, Butliegh


High blood pressure

For many years I have suffered from hypertension but the side effects from the various medications proved to severe that I had to stop taking them.

In early august 2014 a friend recommended Mr Jackson and I came to him from acupuncture. By this time, a clot behind my left eye had caused a bleed and my blood pressure remained high. On my next consultation Mr Jackson suggested I try some herbal capsules which, as well as being prescribed for inflammation had proved to be effective in reducing blood pressure. This has proved to be the case for me and have been effective, both the systolic and diastolic readings are now at an acceptable level for my age - 85 years. I also find the acupuncture sessions increase my ability to relax and leave feeling well.

EK, Wookey Hole



After many years of having endometriosis and the associated problems of this condition (heavy blood loss leading to anaemia, severe ongoing pain, headaches, lack of energy etc) I decided to try alternative treatments and I have found acupuncture and the use of Chinese herbs are helping me to the degree of dramatically reducing the amount of painkillers I needed to take (on a daily basis before the treatment) and control the blood loss. I have found Matthew Jackson, of the Somerset Health Practice, to be very helpful, approachable and professional. "

GE, Yeovil


Radiotherapy and chemotherapy support

Just a quick note to let you know I have completed my 3 weeks radiotherapy following breast surgery and to say thank you for the herbal capsules you prepared for me. The treatment was painless but left me feeling exhausted and I developed an inflamed rash that was sore and itchy. I started taking the capsules in advance of the treatment. I know they were beneficial because I forgot to take them for a day or two in my muddled state and it felt as though my chest was on fire (ice packs constantly). When I remember and started the pills again it was pretty well instant relief - also I felt a lot more lively. I am continuing to take the remainder - when I remember - to boost my energy levels. Many thanks. "



Cystitis and urinary tract infection

Having suffered from recurring and persistent bouts of cystitis for a number of years I was hugely relieved when a course of treatment proved so successful in easing the severity of the symptoms to such an extent I had really given up hope after all the years of trying all sorts of options of finding anything that would work - but this really has.

I have found that problems with my back, which again have troubled me over a number of years, have been vastly alleviated by my course of treatments with Matthew.

I feel as if after all these years my body is much more in balance and has benefited from being treated as a whole!

FB, Pilton



I suffer from hyperthyroidism and have had the condition for about 12 years, with pills it comes and goes but this time the endocrinologist gave me an ultimatum to have an operation or use iodine to burn my thyroid. As a last resource I went to Matthew, having never tried acupuncture or herbs before I was hopeful.

Within a week my symptoms got much better, especially my eyes which were less dried and protuberant. My confidence went up and up, 2 months after I started his treatment I had a routine blood test and waited for my consultant with his ultimatum, I was very scared. He told me my thyroid was on the mend and was happy to postpone the opp and even told me to continue what I was doing because it was working.

I am not taking anything other than the herbs and the acupuncture now and I feel great, my thyroid is much better and I am confident that soon enough it will be normal again.

Thank you very much Matthew it has changed my heart for the better.

SH, Cheddar


Lower back pain

We came across Matthew by chance and it was the best thing we have ever done. We live in South Wales and regularly holiday in the Glastonbury area. My husband had been suffering shoulder/back pain and we were due to go on holiday so I decided to try to find somebody in the area he could see - being a typical man he was reluctant to see anybody! He saw Matthew and immediately liked him. I myself, have suffered chronic back pain due to degenerative discs for over 20 years and it forced me to give up my job of 25 years which I loved. I have tried pretty much every treatment under the sun over the years and regarded myself as a lost cause. During my husband's initial consultation with Matthew, I spoke of my own on going back problems and Matthew showed a great interest (which he did not have to do) and made me feel that there is always something that can be done. I was very grateful for this but must admit I was wary of somebody 'new' treating my back for fear of making it worse. I need not have worried, I immediately felt comfortable and happy with Matthew who is very knowledgeable and kind - he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

I return to see Matthew each time we visit for a very gentle osteopathy and acupuncture which I find very beneficial and both my husband and myself use his excellent sprays and creams on a regular basis.

I have always wanted to climb Glastonbury Tor but felt it was way beyond my capabilities as I suffer back pain on a daily basis. On a particular visit last year I felt inspired after a visit to Matthew and decided that I was going to do it - and I did! I am not saying it was easy or I would do it again but it was a huge achievement for me both mentally and physically. You can't put your finger on it but there is something that makes Matthew very special and your life will be improved by knowing him.

To sum up would I recommend Matthew Jackson? - Yes 110%

DT, S Wales



When I first consulted Matthew Jackson, I had a longstanding under-active thyroid issue with many symptoms, wanted to avoid dependence on pharmaceuticals but didn't know which way to turn.

With Matthew, I soon felt that we were embarking together on a profound journey of healing and discovery - that he was willing to use his formidable knowledge and dedication to assist my body, mind, emotions and spirit to find balance and harmony. This is not a quick fix but an effective process that - mainly through acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs - is slowly but surely addressing and correcting the underlying causes of my condition.

Matthew has a shining spirit and is at the same time a totally practical, down-to-earth guy. He is humbly and genuinely in service to those he treats, one of those people who has surely found his life purpose is as a genuine healer. "

FW, Glastonbury



Over a number of years since the birth of my son my health has slowly deteriorated, leaving me with anxiety, lack of energy and generally feeling unwell in myself. Matthew identified the support and care I required and after a few appointments combined with his personalised herbs for the first time in a long time I am starting to feel myself again. His genuine caring approach is very rare in this day and age and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.

Matthew had recommended his colleague Lina Morton for hypnotherapy which proved excellent support for my anxiety. Within a few sessions Lina's work has improved my wellbeing so greatly.

Both experts have worked together for me personally and I cannot thank them enough for their help and support. I will continue to visit them when I am home as I believe strongly in a natural approach to my wellbeing as apposed to a GP issuing medication. "

TP, Dubai


Lower back pain

I can't recommend Matthew Jackson enough. He has worked on my back and brought it to the greatest level of well being I have had in many years. I went to him as I had back pain every day and it seemed like it hurt to do anything and took a long time to recover from normal activities. He has used his expertise with osteopathy, acupuncture and massage to relieve my pain. I am immensely grateful. I now can experience a pain free body. When something flares up it resolves itself fairly quickly now. His calm manner is very much appreciated, he really listens and is very intuitive about what is needed. I was a little nervous about acupuncture but it has really helped shift the energy to the areas needed and been very important in my improvement. He has also helped me with Orthotics for my feet to help my spine and Chinese herbs to balance my body systems. My partner and so many of my friends go to him whenever needed and are very grateful to find him. "

EM & DH, Glastonbury


Shoulder and lower back pain

Approximately 5 or 6 years ago my shoulder and right arm, which have been defective for many years, became much worse and I told my golfing friends that after almost 40 years I would have to give up playing. One of them advised me to consult Matthew Jackson with a view to acupuncture and osteopathy to try to effect a cure.

I was very apprehensive as I had little faith in either of these cures but took his advise and went to see Matthew - he worked wonders for me and 6 years later and aged 89 I am still playing golf - I can never thank him enough. "

TH, Glastonbury


Osteoarthritis of the hip

My condition started in the autumn of 2013; my right groin was giving me some pain and found I had lost some of my mobility in that area.

I play golf and cycle and was finding on the golf course that the right leg was in a lot of pain with considerable stiffness resulting in very painful cramping during the night.

I tried to see if general exercise would help but the problem became worse, I struggled on for 6 months then finally succumbed to see my GP. X-rays established some arthritis in my right hip, too soon to consider any replacement I was referred to Matthew who I knew already as my wife had undergone successful treatment with him on her shoulder some months prior.

I found his advice really helped including exercises that I can do daily at home and I'm currently in my fifth treatment session with Matthew and my leg is a lot easier from acupuncture and his treatment has reduced the amount of tension that sits with all my muscles in my leg from the calf to my upper thigh.

It seems that blood circulation plays a very big part how the muscles perform and by using acupuncture coupled with his herbal formula I'm feeling a lot more mobile and now back to playing golf with far less stress on my leg, I grateful to Matthew for his guidance, technical and medical skills.

I would have no hesitation in recommending that you speak to Matthew who is a very approachable guy and very understanding of each individual's requirements and problems, age and bodily status. "

GF, Butliegh


Prolapsed disc and back pain

I have been seeing Matthew for 7 years, having been referred to him by my Gym instructor. Five years previous to this I had prolapsed disc and for many years suffered agonizing back pain. Matthew has given me my life back again. He first made me aware of my pain, to treat the symptoms before it became too painful. I now have maintenance every two months to keep on top of things. I have always felt comfortable and at ease in his company. My only regret is that I didn't go to him sooner as it may have avoided the nerve damage I sustained in not getting treated sooner. From a very grateful and pain free patient. "

JR, Sherbourne


Frozen shoulder

I had experienced pain in my upper arm for about 6 months which got increasingly worse before I consulted my doctor. I couldn't participate in zumba or aerobics as I had a very limited range of movement and also found daily tasks like putting on tops and coats very difficult, as it was so painful. It was also too painful to sleep on the affected side. After several visits and an ultrasound scan I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. The doctor explained that it would be a lengthy recovery process and prescribed pain killers and anti inflammatories. I took these for a couple of months but found no improvement with the pain and still had very limited movement. I went back to the doctor but was prescribed more medication. I was unhappy taking continuous medication not least because of the side effects.

I decided to pursue alternative therapy and see if this would work. I had previously received acupuncture for tenosynovitis in my hands five years ago and it had proved very effective.

I first saw Matthew Jackson in October 2013 and following a consultation and another scan I started a course of acupuncture. He also recommended combining the acupuncture with osteopathy, herbal tablets and a cream to rub into the affected area.

I was amazed that even after my first session I had a better range of movement. I had weekly sessions for 6 weeks and after each session found a definite improvement in range of movement and I was experiencing a lot less pain. I was also able to sleep on both sides again. I am now having fortnightly sessions and continuing to improve. Matthew also gave me exercises to do at home.

I am very pleased that I decided to pursue this form of therapy as I was not happy taking prolonged medication and have always preferred natural therapies. "

JT, Shepton Mallet



I am writing to say how much I have benefited from coming to see you. You have enabled me to walk again without pain after a series of very painful injuries. Your caring approach, concern and professionalism are very much valued and I have recommended you to a number of people who I know will benefit from your treatment. "

ML, Glastonbury


Fall on hip and haematoma

Matthew is a dedicated caring professional whose first rate acupuncture and osteopathy skills enable me to successfully manage a degenerative condition and have given me an improved quality of life.

Matthew treated me after a bad fall on ice which caused knee, arm, neck and spinal damage and a huge haematoma. He was able to scan and monitor my progress at each treatment which saved time and was reassuring. The quality of his expert treatment ment I fully recovered within a few sessions. I recommend Matthew's superb treatment to everyone. "

CW, Shepton Mallet


Osteoarthritis of the knee

I was suffering with my knees and my GP sent me to hospital for a scan, which showed I had cartilage trouble. They advised me that an operation would help but I was told that I would be left with a permanent stiff leg. I therefore sought a second opinion with Matthew Jackson. He suggested that he would be able to help me with acupuncture, which I accepted and even after the first treatment I found it much easier to walk. I continued with his treatment every 6 weeks and have found great improvement and with no pain.

Matthew is very caring and competent and I have every confidence in his osteopathic treatment and herbal remedies. "

PG, Butleigh


Rheumatoid / reactive arthritis

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis (serum negative) in 2012. I was reluctant to start taking disease-modifying medication as advised by the rheumatologist, because I knew that the arthritis had been triggered by stress, and I was hopeful that by making some positive changes it could be managed holistically.

I first saw Matthew in 2013, and was impressed by how thorough he was in his initial assessment. Since then, with acupuncture, osteopathy and Chinese herbs my well-being has improved and the arthritis has not progressed, with much less pain. I am hopeful that by continuing with the herbs my health will remain stable. "

CF, Westbury, Wiltshire


Headaches and neck pain

My symptoms began early on in my nursing career, lifting patients and trying to keep a 'nursing cap' on my head. In the long term this had a bad affect on my back and neck.

My neck has since always been stiff and painful, often feeling as though my head does not sit correctly - causing regular shoulder and neck pain and headaches.

The treatments I have received since April this year has been such an improvement, after years of chronic pain I no longer wake with stiffness or headaches.

So to conclude I would recommend and I will continue to have both acupuncture and osteopathy from Matthew as I feel the benefits have been amazing. "

EW, Shepton Mallet


Sciatica and urinary tract infections

I am a T12/L1 paraplegic since '84 with chronic pain from mild tingling in both legs to severe sciatica type shooting pains that kept me awake all night every night. After being on long-term pain killer drugs that were losing their effectiveness- I turned to alternative medicine. Over time Matthew's treatments and herbal medicines have slowly helped take the worst of the pain away, helped me stay off antibiotics for repeated bladder infections and reducing the need for me taking such a numbing drug like morphine. My GP and family have noticed the improvement now with less pain. I am now making an improvement through my physiotherapy. "

SW, Baltonsborough


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