Sports Injuries
by Somerset Health Practice

We help athletes and the performance driven achieve their best.

Sports Injuries

Whether you're getting fit, using the gym, cross fit or simply having fun and getting started, we keep people achieving their optimum health. You don't have to be young to have a sports injury, many of these are common complaints of every day life.


We are experienced at helping elite athletes, professional sports people and dedicated amateur athletes and gym users. We understand the urgent need for fast recovery from injury, including bone fractures, to avoid disrupting an entire season of competition.


We understand too the need for optimum energy, endurance and fitness to boost performance. Athletes can also benefit from fast muscle recovery and reduction of inflammation for optimum health.


Our clinic uniquely combines a range of therapies for sport recovery and performance:

Among those we have successfully helped are an Olympic Triathlete, Crossfit enthusiasts, cycle racers, Motocross stars and several motorcycle racers, some with serious fractures and injuries.


"My experience with the clinic was quite magical. Matthew and Becky are so kind, caring and capable. If you're in sport and need to get fixed quick, if you have a fracture and want effective healing, they are the people to use."

Bob Collins, motorcycle racer


We practice throughout Somerset and can also provide treatment in your own home, to book an appointment please call Somerset Health Practice on 01458 860392 or email and we will be happy to help you.


Your private health insurance may provide cover for your treatments, please contact Somerset Health Practice on 01458 860392 for more information.

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